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Thinking About Potty Training?

Thinking About Kids Potty Training


Thinking about Potty Training?


Before you take that leap here are a few things to consider.  Is your toddler showing signs that they are ready? Having them start too soon can be frustrating and exhausting not only for you but for them as well and may take longer to get them potty trained.


 Unfortunately there isn’t a set age for potty training. Don’t assume the same time line for each of your children. Things to look for are: well-formed bowel movements and urinates a good amount each time.They are dry between two to three hours or during napping. Can your toddler pull up and down his pants and sit for one to two minutes at a time? Usually toddlers don’t like feeling wet or dirty. They can also tell you if they need to go.


To get your toddler ready for potty training go shopping. Get them excited by having them pick out their own pull ups training pants and special underwear. Also consider getting potty training books that you can read to them and to add fun stickers and a reward chart to give them praises.


Make sure you choose a good time to start potty training and not traveling or running errands. Ideally when you are able to stay home for 2-3 days so you can respond quickly. Warm weather is most desirable so they can wear their pull ups without having to have their pants on. This makes it easier to clean up after any accidents. Keep a routine going by having them go every 10-15 mins until they start realizing how to let you know on their own. Demonstrate to them what to do. When training girls, make sure you teach them to wipe from front to back. Boys do much better starting off by setting them down on the toilet set then gradually have them stand and aim into the set. If your toddler has a dirty pull up, have them pour the poop into the toilet and flush it down so they can learn where it should go. Encourage them to go whenever they feel an urge to go. Remember to praise, praise and praise!

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